Medical Guidance Extraordinaire

We guide you to your 'health and safety' and help you wade through the maze of visa rules and glorious yet confounding lists of hospitals and doctors. We support clients every step of the way. There will be no moments of confusion.

A Perfect Global Facilitator

We research, negotiate and monitor on behalf of you for the best medical treatment for you and help to speed up the wait time, if there is any. In short, we provide you complete peace of mind.

The Only Thing That Drives Us

There is a deep solace and indescribable joy in watching others regain their health and vitality. And when you are a medium through which such transformation happens, then an overpowering bliss is what you get in return. Seeking this bliss is the only ideal this company cherishes and will abide by.
We are irreversibly pro-client, indefatigably resourceful, and ingeniously and amazingly affordable. Come; delight in the most economical yet exceptionally world-class treatment. Experience the sunny dimension of "pocket-friendliness". Welcome to HealthPlacid.

  • Cuba Memorial Hospital

    Cuba Memorial Hospital is designated as a Critical Access Hospital through a federally supported program. This designation allows our hospital to choose which services best meet the needs of the community. ----------------------- ------------------------ ---------------------------- Read More
  • Hospital Universitario Lenin

    Evidence based medical treatments are provided to patients in this hospital located in Holguin in Cuba. The hospital forms part of the Holguin University. The hospital has advanced diagnostic and treatment facilities in all medical disciplines including a state of the art intensive care unit. Read More
  • Clinica Central Cira Garcia

    This health centre is located in Havana in Cuba and belongs to the Public Health national System of Cuba. Overseas patients are welcome at the clinic. Medical treatments are provided and surgical procedures are performed in all medical disciplines at the centre. ------------------------- Read More
  • Hospital Hermanos Ameijeiras

    This research and surgical hospital is located in Havana in Cuba. Overseas patients are welcome at the clinic. International students are also to take part in the courses available at the hospital and to take part in ongoing research. ------------------ --------------------------- Read More
  • Hospital Ortopedico

    The Orthopaedic Hospital of Londrina offers its patients quality medical services always seeking the welfare and recovery of their patients. Read More
  • Instituto de Neurologia Y Neurocirugia

    The National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery "Manuel Velasco Suarez" is considered one of the leading centers for the study of neuroscience. Read More

What We Do

Medical tourism is a term involving people who travel to a different place to receive treatment for a disease, ailment, or condition, and who are seeking lower cost of care, higher quality of care, better access to care, or different care than they could receive at home.

HealthPlacid is a "trademarked" international medical facilitator company. The company is also an authority in healthcare consultancy providing healthcare and "medical tourism" preparedness to governments, states, countries and private players alike.

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Before Health Placid. I never knew that something like this existed. I cant even find service like that here in Tokyo! What a remarkable way to save on the ever steepening prices posed by the health Industry
Soo Hiragana, Tokyo, Japan
In light of the fact that my family could not afford much. Health Placid still gave us hope and even got my daughter great hospital care for less than it would cost here. Many praise to health placid!
Aydin Azad, Damascus, Syria
If you have a lack of money and need health care for any reason as did I, don’t hesitate to look into what Health Placid can do for you. They have been more than I ever dreamt and can hopefully be that same blessing for you. Wonderful job guys!
Ethan Holmes, London, UK