We are irreversibly pro-client, indefatigably resourceful, and ingeniously and amazingly affordable. Come; delight in the most economical yet exceptionally world-class treatment. Experience the sunny dimension of "pocket-friendliness". Welcome to HealthPlacid.

Mr. Sagar Brahmabhatt

It isn't necessary to born a beaver to fits into words like "eager beaver"; neither there are words to describe the man who is an absolute "people man" with a cent percent "social IQ"! Meet the Energy Incarnate!

Being around Sagar is like watching a movie at quadruple speed; his mental pot always boiling some exotic brew all the time. No; he doesn't drink them before it's done brewing. He's a looker and a snappy dresser too.

At HealthPlacid, apart from administrative and decision making duties, he shoulders PR, communications and all the "people" and "interpersonal" things. He is magical in overseeing our human resources. And how! He is a certified facilitator from World Medical Tourism Association (USA) and from Dr. Prem and Associates (Mumbai). He has a vast experience in the field of medical and wellness tourism.

He is our go-to man when multi-tasking is needed (may be this guy has mastered his "Chi") or when things get really tough (which is a lot, by the way). He is always running around at 200 mph doing the official "out-of-office" stuff. We try to get him to slow down, but it's no use.


Dr. Akshay Akulwar

Medical Advisor - U.K
Can you compare our delight of discovering a source of strength which is quite unlike anything under the sun? Meet Dr. Akshay Akulwar, Ph.D in Minimal Access Surgery and Masters in Coloproctology.

He currently works as Speciality Registrar in Colorectal and general surgery at East Suffolk and North Essex foundation trust. Dr. Akshay has participated in many National health programs and been actively involved in medical counseling and patient education.

As a medical advisor, his role involves building partnerships and networks with a wide range of medical-related professionals, and providing medical and scientific input in the brand team.

As far as HealthPlacid and he go, it can be safely said that it seems like a match made in heaven.

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Before Health Placid. I never knew that something like this existed. I cant even find service like that here in Tokyo! What a remarkable way to save on the ever steepening prices posed by the health Industry
Soo Hiragana, Tokyo, Japan
In light of the fact that my family could not afford much. Health Placid still gave us hope and even got my daughter great hospital care for less than it would cost here. Many praise to health placid!
Aydin Azad, Damascus, Syria
If you have a lack of money and need health care for any reason as did I, don t hesitate to look into what Health Placid can do for you. They have been more than I ever dreamt and can hopefully be that same blessing for you. Wonderful job guys!
Ethan Holmes, London, UK