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Wolfgang, Deutschland

Mein Name ist Wolfgang und ich komme aus Koln In Deutschland.
Ich hatte ein Geschaftstreffen in Indien und einen Tag vor der Abreise wieder, habe ich leider eine Blindarmentzundung bekomme bzw. ist geplatzt und es musste entsprechend sofort entfernt werden.
Der Arzt meinte dass ich das hier in Indien noch entfernen lassen musste und es viel zu gefahrlich ware in diesem Zustand nach Hause zu fliegen.
Nachdem ich ein wenig daruber nachgedacht habe, mich entschlossen entsprechend ein Health Placid aufzusuchen. Sie hatten mir dann entsprechend ein Krankenhaus in meiner Umgebung herausgefunden.
Die Arzte und Schwestern absolute super, hilfsbereit, freundlich und kompetent.
Und obendrein waren die Preise absolute erschwinglich

Vielen Dank


Costa Rica
Toda mi experiencia en la India fue un absoluto placer. Desde el momento en que el avion aterrizo alla hasta el momento de volver, siempre me senti en manos de profesionales muy competentes.
Hola mi nombre es Sergio. Tuve un accidente y cuatro de los dientes de mi mandibula inferior necesitaban tratamiento inmediato. Dado que el tratamiento dental en EE.UU. y Costa Rica esta lejos de ser barato, tome la ayuda de la mejor compania de turismo medico que pude encontrar.
Todos mis planes fueron eficiente y profesionalmente atendidos por HealthPlacid.
Estoy muy contento de haber elegido HealthPlacid.
Esto es todo lo que tengo que decir.
Mantente saludable y sigue sonriendo.

Rebecca Long, NYC

This truly was an amazing experience!. The hospitality and professionalism of the doctors and nurses in India was more wonderful than I ever could have expected. Health Placid is the real deal. Exceptional service and many thanks!

Elayla J, Nigeria

I had colon cancer and was suffering with it for about three years prior to Health Placid. The price of travel and stay was minor in comparison to the price of one operation let alone multiple operations if the cancer returned. This was one of the major benefits of turning to Health Placid among the fact that while I was in India The nursing and staff of doctors were completely engaged in making sure I was in comfort the whole time staying attentive to to fact that I was dealing with a very painful and possibly life threatening situation. I have been in remission since, but if the cancer does come back I will not hesitate to turn to Health Placid for their caring and warm touch (and cheap pricing) in my time of need.

Harvey Stellin, London

I remember how it felt to sit in the hospital for weeks on end only seeing or talking to someone when it was scheduled. That along with the cost and lack of sensitivity made every major experience I had at my hometown hospitals enough for me to not want to return. I hit the books so to speak and at the end of my road of research I came onto Health Placid. They helped me book a flight and once I got to India I began to realize that the price I paid was nothing in the scope of all the things I was getting for it. I got to see some beautiful things in India and the hospital staff was amazing in more way than I can count. If ever I need any type of surgery for any reason I will gladly choose Health Placid.

Gloria silva, Brazil

Health Placid has shown me a new way to get heath care at the lowest cost possible, I only paid one third the price of surgery here in France. There are many reasons that make this a big deal but in short, my entire stay was more like a glorious stay at a hotel ( aside from the surgery) which I thoroughly enjoyed and owe to The people over at Health Placid my new trusted go to place for affordable health care.

Grandpa Jones, Greenwood, SC

I can't say enough how much I loved the way I was treated. Their post operative care is the best I have had. I felt like I was a celebrity being pampered! keep it up HealthPlacid!

Gabriel Gustavo, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

I went to many doctors. I could not find anyone to perform the surgery at a reasonable price. The highest quote I got was for 40,000 in U.S dollars.I got the best medical care at a fraction of the cost. You cant beat that!

Adisa Chiamaka, Johannesburg, Africa

My mother was ill and I could not pay for her to have her surgery. The hospitals here refused to preform the surgery even if it would save her. I was deeply pained by this. I could not imagine life without my mother. Well, after searching high and low for help I was losing hope. When I went the pharmacy I overheard A pharmacist having a talk about How much lower in cost it was to get surgeries done through medical tourism. A light went off in my head and I went to work. Thats when I ran into Health Placid. I was very great-full to have been able to find a place where I could get my mother seen by a beautifully competent staff of doctors and nurses. Although my mother passed a few months after the surgery it's great to know that she spent her last few months in peace. Thank You So Much Health Placid!

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Before Health Placid. I never knew that something like this existed. I cant even find service like that here in Tokyo! What a remarkable way to save on the ever steepening prices posed by the health Industry
Soo Hiragana, Tokyo, Japan
In light of the fact that my family could not afford much. Health Placid still gave us hope and even got my daughter great hospital care for less than it would cost here. Many praise to health placid!
Aydin Azad, Damascus, Syria
If you have a lack of money and need health care for any reason as did I, don t hesitate to look into what Health Placid can do for you. They have been more than I ever dreamt and can hopefully be that same blessing for you. Wonderful job guys!
Ethan Holmes, London, UK